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Power Whitening
in San Francisco

A professional tooth whitening yields far superior and longer-lasting results than over-the-counter strips, gels, and special toothpastes. Serenity Dental Spa offers the Zoom® teeth whitening system, which is fast, safe, and adaptable to your own specific needs. Zoom® uses a whitening gel that is activated by exposure to low-intensity light. Your teeth can be as much as 10 shades whiter following an hour-long appointment.

Do you use a specific brand/type?

Serenity Dental Spa uses the original Philips Zoom® professional teeth whitening system, used by more than 10 million people. Philips Zoom® is safe, pain-free, and sustainable.

How long does the whitening last?

Each case is different, depending on what your teeth are exposed to. If you drink red wine, coffee, and green tea, the discoloration will return within eight months to a year.

Dr. Shahabi gives all new patients a complimentary “Night White/Day White” take-home maintenance kit from Discus Dental for touch-up. After you use the kit two or three times, your teeth will be as white as they are shortly after your Zoom® treatment.

Is it for all patients? What about sensitivity?

Power whitening is patient-specific, and it varies. For example, if you have restorations on your front teeth, or have a lot of gum recession, you are not a candidate for Zoom®. Many people experience sensitivity after their Zoom® whitening, and it is not recommended for patients with sensitive teeth.